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The 21st century examination is in place, we have to keep in mind that English is not just for the European, or North American/ South American countries. Without time wasting, Africa, Asia, Australia and Antarctica are into the game. In addition, English language Proficiency Examination have circulated through boundaries and veins.
The list we have provided below is for the most common and best English language test to take. The purpose of taking English proficiency is right below the headings of each English test mentioned in this article for “which English test is the best” such as TOEFL ibt.


TOEFL is actually the most common English language proficiency test in most country. In my other article, I discussed about the TOEFL ibt examination. The examination is so relevant that Asia countries such as China, ask for this result in order to accept international students study in their prestigious universities for English-taught programs.
The latest format of this examination is the TOEFL ibt (internet-based test). The test is now fully online. Starting from one section to the other, the test has four sections (reading, writing, speaking and listening). With this examination, you can get an admission or a job in most countries. Therefore, TOEFL ibt is one of the best English language proficiency test. TOEFL ibt stands for Test of English as a Foreign Language internet-based test.


IELTS is divided into two main categories, Academic and non-academic versions. Countries like UK accept IELTS over TOEFL ibt. In other words, the TOEFL examination is still and important factor despite IELTS been the most required test by the universities in United Kingdom.

Moreover, lot of places such as Canada, New Zealand, USA, Australia, and Asia accept the two results unconditional. Finally, be aware that the result for IELTS is valid for two years. In conclusion, consider IELTS among the list of best English language proficiency test in the world.


Do not just consider the test relevant for admission purposes. It is time to check for best examinations for work. TOEIC is an example. TOEIC is a test of English in Communication. With this examination, you can get a job in Asian companies or business organizations. The scores is also valid for two years, having a great scores in this examination provides a greater chance of getting the best work in time. TOEIC the best English language proficiency test, but plays a key role in English Proficiency test.


OPI is an open door examination to test one’s spoken English fluency. This examination is indoor (taken in the room) with an examiner. It needs lot of preparation and basic understanding of simple and complex vocabulary in order to pass it with high scores.
The use of OPI is in business organizations and teaching jobs. Get an OPI test result to get into the best business. For business purpose, OPI is ranking among best English test.


OPIC is also a test for English spoken fluency. This examination is quite similar to OPI, because the results can also help you get into business. Hence, a good score in OPIC is an upper hand to in English Proficiency test. OPIC test is administer online. In conclusion, consider OPIC the best English Test for spoken fluency.

Cambridge Exams

The Cambridge exams is a European Examination for students to test their knowledge in various subjects. Furthermore, let us try to check the Cambridge English Exams that is right for your level. Moreover, we might not know which Cambridge examination will be suitable for your grade. Consequently, a tutor can help you with the right information about the best level of Cambridge examination good for you.
Also, try to read more about the levels of Cambridge English examination.
In conclusion, here is a list for the levels of Cambridge English Examination according to their level of difficulty.
Preliminary (PET), First (FCE), Advanced (CAE), and proficiency (CPE) considered the toughest level of Cambridge English examination. The examination is helpful in admission, scholarship and job purposes. Do not worry about its validity, because Cambridge Exams results has no expiration. Therefore, do not think Cambridge exams is just ranking among best English Test, but it is one of the best advance examinations in the world.

Finally, I think this article is helpful to you. I did not just write down the article for wasting of time, but I had to do this because I have my own certificates for TOEFL, and Cambridge. With time, I have been able to learn more about this examination. Hence, feel free to send your questions and comments using the comment section below.

Why do you take English Proficiency Test?

Well, it is a good advantage to have proof of English Test in this century. Moreover, the purpose of taking either of the examinations mentioned above is for evaluation of how well you can use English language to communicate in life with the correct use of tenses, vocabulary, and structures. The most important part of having these certificates is the standard form of reading and writing. Take a big stand in your English language proficiency test as  we wish you luck.

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