TOEFL : English-language Proficiency

What to know about The TOEFL Test:

The TOEFL result can get you to over 130 countries, which includes United States, United Kingdom, Canada, and others. Also, Toefl score serves as a breach between students and college admission board. Currently, it is hard to request for admission, or occupation without been asked about Your Test of English (TOEFL) result.


It is the most widely accepted and recognizable Test for English Programs/choice of study and visa applications.

TOEFL Test Structure:

The TOEFL is internet based test and you are supposed to take the test online in your various centers. Hence, You will know more about your center after registering for the examination in your country or place of stay.  With the help of TOEFL test, it marks as a tool in evaluating your ability to combine the reading, speaking, listening, and writing task in pace and passing the examination, mean you are ready to study/work using an English medium program. For example, coming to study in China now requires you to have your English Proficiency.

Where to take Toefl test

The TOEFL iBt has 50 dates in a year but you can write as much as you want but keep it in mind that you have to space it out with more than 12-days interval. Meaning, if you should write a test now, make sure it gets two more week interval in other to be qualified to write another test because it is absolutely against the rule to write a test now, and within 12-days write another test.

Test validity

The test scores is valid for 2 years. In as much as you have taken the test, your test scores will be useful within 2 years and nothing more.

TOEFL has four section, which are as follows;

Toefl Scores

On the other hand, the test has a total 120 marks. Therefore, no changes to this fixed scores.  Each section has 30 marks. But, You have to do justice answering all the questions or every section. It is up to you to decide how you will study in having a high or average Toefl scores. Take note of the range (0-120). Work hard.

How to prepare for TOEFL iBt.

So, You can start checking for e-books and questionnaires for the test online. Visit for help.
Furthermore, in most countries, there are training centers having skillful personnel to put you through the Methods of answering the question.

Lots of government agencies (Africa, Europe, Asia, Australia and so on), scholarship programs, and other certification agencies make the use of Toefl results to evaluate English proficiency.

Where to get materials?

You can buy toefl materials on

Toefl vocabulary.

As we all know, vocabulary is too broad. So, don’t worry about new words you come across in your daily life. Study different articles, books, magazines and newspapers as much as possible to enhance your performance in English language.  It is not a big task to set a time for the practice of vocabulary. Do your best to have a good Toefl scores.

You can also use your dictionary as a key tool in learning more words. When reading a content on website, you can check for the meaning/usage of words by using the right click button specifically on the word highlighted to search online. Although, many search engines like google provide online dictionaries, you should still try to get a personal advanced oxford dictionary at home, at work place, or in a car.


Improve your English for better Toefl score.

To improve your English, you have to speak the language on daily basis with native and non-native speaker. Exceedingly, this cool method helps a lot.

Likewise, you have to master your vocabulary with the help of dictionary, or friends who are native speaker.

Search for related grammars in sentence usage. You should rather spend time learning how to fix your words in a sentence than knowing the meaning without having an idea about the use of the words.

subsequently, Get an English-based lesson teacher that will help you point errors in your speech and writings. Nowadays, it is easy to get a tutor who specializes in different course outlines online. Test tutors are out there on the internet. Search for the best tutor to help you out. Mostly, the online course tutor asks for payment, do not hesitate to go for the right tutor with good ratings from audience.

Uses of Toefl

It enables one to speak and understand North American English. The Toefl score is essential for students willing to study in the United States. The test used to be paper-based. It is now internet-based in every test center.

MOREOVER, the TOEFL result help in adding more qualifications to one’s CV in job application.

furthermore, TOEFL result is a good statistic in analyzing scholarship applications.

With the use of TOEFL result, countries like China accept one’s application into a college to study an English-taught program.

Toefl Listening Conversation Tips.

The listening section in this test is very tricky, one has to be observant of main words and contrast in speech. For example, if the topic of discussion is about library: the main word might be what library comprises of, such as textbook, novel, magazine, librarian, or students reading in the library. Just figure out the one headline and a subheading to the topic of discussion. Lastly, be wary of Contrast (however, but, subsequently, nevertheless) in that context. Master the trick to answer questions appropriately and get a high Toefl score in the Listening Section.


Tenses in Toefl.

Toefl is skillful in testing the use of one’s grammar. Note; the use of tense in a sentence, how it changes to give a different meaning to a paragraph, sentence, or page.

finally, Practice the use of present tense, past tense and future tense in an article or a sentence.


Toefl speaking section.

The best measure in helping one’s speaking aspect is to listen or read to a news, voice note, or speech and try to summarize what one have read or heard.

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How to write Good Essay- Steps

Talking about how to write Good Essay? This is a major challenge to students.

So, don’t worry if you can’t write Good Essay. Writing an essay involves creativity but in the right order.

Order such as; Mechanical Accuracy, Organization AND SO ON.

Hence, it is important to take note of the following

  • Precision
  • Clear communication.
  • Standard analysis of evidence, opinion, and arguments.
  • An appropriate source of knowledge, you are going to rely on them during the writing of Law essays.

Why learn how to write Good Essay?

  • For speech purpose
  • Clear tone of communication
  • To take control of your environment
  • To be a Star of your own

Steps in writing Good Essay

  1. Thesis: rom around the topic with a few quotes
  2. . Introduction: introduce the topic of discussion
  3. Body of the letter: make good use of your knowledge in getting at least 3 major points to explain in each paragraph

4.  Conclusion: conclude the essay by making a remark about the topic with some                      added spices.

Note: all you have to do is Practice and put more effort.

Tips to write a Good Essay

I was a bad writer when it comes to essay, I almost lost hope in English language because of low marks my class teacher give. lol, it was really a struggle for me, I had it in mind not to get into an Art class because of literature,  so I joined a science class. In my own thought; English language as subject in science class will not be disturbing, but I got it all wrong, and I realized you can never dodge English language critical writing and reading as long as you want to be okay with your education. I bought a lot of English writing books to enable me write an essay, whenever I am done with the essay, I take it to my teacher for corrections.
Gradually, I realized its all an easy-going note with patience. FURTHERMORE, TRY OUT YOUR ESSAY USING THE IDEAS ABOVE.

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Studies Readiness and Career desire Mentorship

As an expert of all encompassing human capital advancement, I accept on being busy with the investigation availability and vocation decision theme right off the bat in any individual’s life. Be that as it may, it is astounding that individuals just connect on this point at the secondary school dimension of the students. It seems as though availability for studies and vocation decision turns out to be just significant amid the progress from secondary school to the school and college. It is consequently that we find numerous students not prepared to pick the line of concentrate that is educated by a definitive vocations they might want to pursue. My goal is to support every one of the guardians, watchmen and researchers to take part in this subject from the get-go in their tutoring venture. Furthermore, I might want to feature the topics that should shape the commitment. It is more mind boggling than it looks, and dependably an enthusiastic subject to deal with. Researchers move toward becoming casualties of many blame lines not beforehand clear to them. Timing in taking care of this transitional point is a test to every one of the researchers. They don’t generally have bits of knowledge and essential data to put together their thought with respect to.

  Access to data is exorbitant for a few, and much of the time their school professional direction officers are not presented to the most recent patterns. Thus they get up late and end up taking investigations and profession headings that are not all around inquired about. The schools and guardians are urged to put resources into mentorship program to help the researchers in their examinations and profession decisions. Notwithstanding, such projects alone are not adequate. The schools must cooperate with the different guides in conceptualizing and structuring instructive visits to the establishments of higher learning (colleges and universities), going to studies and vocation fairs, displays, and so forth. 

The communication between the schools and the business ought to be affected in early long stretches of the researchers improvement. The schools must utilize vocation advisors, direction instructors, and industry contact officers. Organizations must be urged to receive schools under their Corporate Social Obligation projects and oversee the researchers to the colleges. Such researchers could progress toward becoming grant beneficiaries of these organizations. 

 At last they would graduate to wind up their representatives. In any case, the thought here isn’t for the organizations to help schools for their own advantage. This is accomplished to assist the general public with the expectation that the economy will profit by an informed people. We can’t disregard the commercialization of the understudy data exercises, as secretly composed vocation fairs and presentations. They possess the space left by the schools and training experts. Thus such activities are seen to be for the offspring of the working class and the rich guardians.

  There is a requirement for coordinated effort among private and open coordinators. The fundamental goal must be to help the researchers in their examinations and vocation availability independent of their status in the general public. As the fourth modern insurgency turns into a reality, we should be aware of the job that innovation is as of now playing in conveying instruction and the new professions developing in the business. The researchers must be engrossed with the sort of professions that will be in presence when they move on from the school/college. It involves worry to have the school profession direction workplaces that are ineffectively outfitted with innovation. We need advanced libraries that are intuitive and a position of worldwide availability for the students. They should be more than libraries however be advanced data focuses. The guardians can’t be separated from their kids’ examinations and vocation aspirations. They should be perceptive of their youngsters’ potential and tackle it. The schools can’t be left with the obligation of directing these youngsters alone. Their comprehensive advancement is an organization.

Is Technology Making Management Extra Green or Dependent?

 ‘Innovation is a helpful hireling however a perilous ace.’ The celebrated saying has undoubtedly impelled even the educated group to venture back and to think before hustling into the domain of robotics, automation, mechanical autonomy, and PCs. A cutting edge term to explicitly allude to these advancements would be ‘digitization.’ Beginning directly from the day by day errands to money, each viewpoint is drastically fitting in the robe of digitization. 
Strikingly, the upset in innovation is at its most conspicuous state in the present century like never before previously. The twenty-first century is in this manner, no big surprise known as the time of advancement. The impact of innovation is brushing every single mechanical segment, essentially improving how things used to work as well as even how people used to think, act, and execute plans twenty to thirty years once more from now. 

  Thinking about this perspective, one of the angles that innovation has extensively impacted is’ initiative’ in the business world. Be that as it may, this exceptional impact of innovation on the present chiefs, their attitude, and even on their authority styles is offering ascend to endless inquiries, and one of those million questions is ‘whether innovation is making the craftsmanship of administration progressively effective or subordinate?’ To be sure it is a basic perspective to contribute your perspectives, convictions, assessments, and decisions when you are a piece of the contemporary business domain. Give us a chance to examine more on this point in this article underneath. Innovation based authority – A Help or a Bane? The inquiry is a basic one and somewhat hard to reply as we are still amidst the advancement and haven’t generally achieved an end. Things are very nearly being automated and digitized, and the results are both positive and negative.

   There are new programming, instruments, and strategies always being presented in the corporate stage which is essentially changing the working environment condition. Pioneers are thinking about innovation as their correct turn in request to remain early and beat the challenge. The Meyers-Briggs Type Pointer, USC’s Administration Style Self-Evaluation, IHHP Passionate Knowledge (EQ) Appraisal, IHHP Performing under strain Evaluation are the absolute most cutting edge instruments utilized in the present century by best pioneers of associations over the globe. In the event that you use them successfully, these apparatuses hand you over with a profoundly dynamic methodology on the best way to recognize your initiative vulnerable sides, how to manage changes, how to be the vessel for genuine mentorship, and the rundown goes on. There is not really any association today that is without a mechanical foundation outfitted with these or other pertinent apparatuses.

  A few chiefs, business people, and business heads from all over the world have possessed the capacity to see accomplishment with the happiness of innovation, yet on the other hand, everything relies upon how they have made innovation work for them. There is a gigantic distinction between encompassing your business, your capacity to pass judgment, and your aptitudes with innovation and utilizing it. Why everything relies upon how innovation is utilized and executed? Regardless of how best in class the innovation has progressed toward becoming and how intently it has interwoven with our expert lives, the reality if the issue is that a few aptitudes can never be supplanted with computerization. Aptitudes like the capacity to motivate others, build up trust, and advance collaboration have been the brilliant characteristics of effective pioneers since ages. They are appreciated and gazed upward to as the great standards today since they have really worked for a considerable length of time. No computerization or mechanical autonomy can go about as a substitute to the mastery, thoughts, and experiences that fall into place easily for an individual. However, how innovation can help is by helping one to clean and improve their abilities. This is actually where the craft of apropos using the innovation comes into the image. A savvy head will dependably have the capacity to twist the innovation to serve him/her instead of letting the innovation to assume control over his/her genuine aptitudes. The present business world fortunes a few effective pioneers, and in the event that you pay some notice to their examples of overcoming adversity, every one of them share one ability for all intents and purpose, and that is picking the correct way to deal with specialized execution. 

  In the event that you have run over the term ‘mixed methodology’ it is actually the technique received and utilized by most pioneers to keep the underlying foundations of custom flawless and fuse advancement in the meantime to achieve an increasingly profitable result. For example, these days there are a few instruments that are by and large generally used for conveying a computerized discussion inside a group in a work environment. Truth be told, through these gateways, colleagues or pioneers are furnished with a superior stage to cooperate with one another. Be that as it may, genuine pioneers intentionally swing up to his/her colleagues now and again and converse with them face to face with a plan to keep away from reliance on hardcode innovative backings nonstop. Keeping up a harmony among imaginative and ordinary methodologies is what the present hopefuls arranging a future in the business has to think about. Taking advantage of these little yet powerful subtleties require inside and out learning and bits of knowledge. On the off chance that you are set up to end up a piece of this complex yet an energetic universe of corporatization, IILM is the spot for you. As a standout among the best PGDM schools in Delhi, we, at IILM, offer intrigued business the executives applicants a brilliant chance to add a critical edge to their vocations. Exploit our reality class PGDM the board program to emerge among your rivals.

The Friendships That broaden In college

As understudies travel through school, kinship will grow normally. They happen through the contacts understudies have with cohorts, residence mates, colleagues, coworkers and different affiliations that come to fruition by possibility and situation. Aristotle opined that there are two sorts of kinship: common need and shared appreciation. “Shared Need” companionship incorporate those of ‘utility’ and those of ‘delight.’ They will in general fulfill brief needs. “Shared Thankfulness” fellowships depend on the ‘individual characteristics’ of the general population themselves and regularly last any longer. Kinship: Corresponding Generosity – Aristotle Since transient kinship are regularly based on utility or delight, they more often than not exist in light of the fact that every individual quickly benefits here and there from the relationship. Class ventures, school athletic groups, additional curricular exercises, low maintenance and summer work assignments and network exercises all fall inside the classification of companionship that are fleeting. They fulfill a prompt need and give delight and fulfillment. 

  Be that as it may, when companionship depend on a common energy about one another close to home characteristics, altruism and positive practices they can meet up to shape, create and fortify a more drawn out enduring relationship. It is imperative to comprehend that long haul kinship depend on an extra arrangement of elements that may include: – You appreciate being with the individual – The individual is essential to you – You have positive sentiments about the individual – You realize the individual can be depended on to perform or support you – You realize that the individual can be trusted – You look for and esteem their sentiments – You can trust in them – You feel an obligation to secure and shield the individual – You like what the individual depend on and how they carry on – You have great considerations of your association with the individual – You need to keep in contact when you two are separated – You are happy to make penances for the individual Notwithstanding the segments of long haul companionship, love is considerably more profound. – You are exceptionally pulled in to one individual who is unique – You find that you are eager to give whatever is required – Positive, mindful sentiments, words and activities are shared and unfailing – You wind up contemplating the individual frequently – The individual treats you in a way you need to be dealt with – You generally need to satisfy the other individual – You want sexual joy and delight with this one individual – You anticipate being with the individual – You don’t need this relationship to end or come up short – you two are getting to be one in your reasoning and conduct Amid school, each understudy will have an assortment of companionship and connections of different lengths and profundities. 

  Essentially, it is the more extended term connections that will intend to most. These progressively genuine and uncommon fellowships can keep going for a considerable length of time. For the blessed understudies who experience love amid school, the relationship may endure forever. 

Fellowships matter! Each understudy should work to expand their pool of dependable and minding companions. The more great companions somebody has helping them to end up effective and cheerful, the almost certain it will occur. Weave Roth, a previous grounds selection representative, is the writer of five books, including: OMG, The Things I Learned In School, An Effective Senior Year Quest for new employment Starts In The First Year. Known as The “School and Vocation Achievement” Mentor, Bounce composes articles for School Profession Administrations Workplaces, Grounds Papers, Parent Affiliations and Business Sites. Sway has made The Pursuit of employment Readiness System™ for schools to use to enable understudies to discover more prominent accomplishment in the activity advertise.

The Highest Management Schools in Mumbai

Mumbai, legitimately known as the ‘City of dreams’ homes various organization colleges to fulfill the employment want of the lakhs of attempting chiefs who come to consider here. The standard specializations offered by these establishments are Account, Showcasing, Frameworks and HR. While a couple of schools offer twofold specializations, some offer striking degrees in organization. 
The common degree offered is a Post Graduate Recognition in The executives (PGDM) as per continuous AICTE benchmarks. The main 10 the executives schools in Mumbai are as per the following: 

1. N.L Dalmia Organization of Management studies and research: A little on the edges of the city, this commended school in Mira Street has been advancing standard organization courses since 1997. 
2. SP Jain Foundation of The board and 
Exploration (SPJIMR): A bit of the Bharatiya Vidya Bhavan, the school is organized in Andheri on a 45 area of land grounds and has a yearly affirmation of 700 understudies. It offers specific undertakings for business people and is a standout among the best colleges for MBA in the country. 

3. National Foundation of Modern Building (NITIE): Arranged in Powai, this organization association when started offered Mechanical Designing. Nevertheless, it is presently seen as a champion among different schools in India and offers the entire extent of organization degrees as various colleges.

4. Narsee Monjee Foundation of The board Studies: This is a private school and was developed in 1981. It is among the best MBA colleges in the country and is remarkable for its splendid game plan record. 

5. Jamnalal Bajaj Foundation of The executives Studies (JBIMS): This is extremely the Division of The board Investigations of the College of Mumbai and is known as a Chief Industrial facility in view of its expansive graduated class list. 

6. Shailesh J. Mehta School of The board: Sponsored by the Focal government, the organization part of IIT Bombay is a best ranker in the once-over of best B Schools in the city to the extent imperfect and circumstances. The school offers both MBA and PhD programs in organization. 

7. Prin. LN Welingkar Foundation of The board Improvement and Exploration: Continue running by a charitable trust, this foundation is a standout amongst the most prepared in Mumbai, set up in 1977. It offers an extent of normal and unique tasks and moreover has a branch in Bangalore called WE School. 

8. KJ Somaiya Foundation of The executives Studies and Exploration: The school is independent since 2013 and is situated in the 72 section of land Somaiya Vidyavihar grounds. It offers brilliant atmosphere and positions. 

9. SIES School of The executives Studies (SIESCOMS): Some segment of the SIES social event of Mumbai, this grounds is arranged in Nerul since 1995. With incredible plans and staff, this is a standout among the best 5 in Navi Mumbai. 

10. Sydenham Organization of The executives Studies, Exploration and Enterprise Training: A standout among the best schools in the city and joined forces to the College of Mumbai, this school is named after the Legislative leader of Mumbai in the mid 1900s, Master Sydenham.The exchange school of this social affair was set up in 1913 and was the main institute of business in Asia.