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The generation is here, it starts now.
Technology is all about innovation, Yeah! flying robots… no doubt.
Wow! Dutch Engineers developed a novel insect-inspired flying robots, whose exceptional flight qualities can surprisingly open up new drone applications.

In a journal science description, the lightweight flying robots that powered and controlled flight by flapping wings like flies, allowing it to hover on the spot, fly in any direction and also be very agile.

Tremendous things happen nowadays, but they are not surprising as our tools and machines inform us to relax.

Yes, we need to relax our minds but not getting lazy by te works of these machines.

Lol! flying insects, the robot’s flapping wings, beating 17 times per second, not only generated the lift force needed to stay airborne, but control the flight via minor adjustments in the wing motion.

Furthermore, Isaac newton and other remarkable scientists will appreciate the efforts of our generation as the slogan changes to “foreword ever, backward never.

flying robots speed

Coming through; Matej Karasek, the first author of the study and main designer of the robot in his statement
“The robot has a top speed of 25 km/h and can even perform aggressive maneuvers, such as 360-degree flips, resembling loops and barrel rolls”

However, Karasek from Delft University of Technology said the 33 cm wingspan and 29 gram robot has, for its size, excellent power efficiency, allowing 5 minutes of hovering flight or more than a 1 km flight range on a fully charged battery.”

Comparatively, the designed robot was even able to demonstrate how fruit flies control the 90, 180, and 360 angle to maximize their escape performance.

it is not magic, use your brain for the positive purpose. Life is not a back race.
Be supportive, the world needs you. Yes! got you covered like amazing flying robots.
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