Getting into a Chinese university might seem hectic.

Studying in China comes with lots of experience which might enable you live a comfortable life anywhere around the world.
So, when checking for universities in china.
First question you should have in mind are:
1. how good is my course of study in this institution
2. Do this institution accept my country in admission intake?
3. Will I be able to pay the required fees?
4. Is there any chance of getting a scholarship with my grades?
Then, Success!!!

Check an easy guide to Chinese Government Scholarship for all students

                       scholarship scheme

Currently, Universities in China accepts foreign students based on academic and moral records.
To get an admission with any of their universities, you should have these documents:
2.High School Transcript
3.High School Certificates/Testimonial
4.International passport
5. 2×2 Passport photograph
6. Medical Examination
7. Bank statement
8. Police character report
9. Birth certificate.

Lastly, get the right agency to help you out!! Contact