HSK EXAMINATION (The Chinese Proficiency Test)

HSK examination (The Chinese Proficiency Test) If you can adhere to instructions, HSK EXAMINATION is not a big deal. HENCE, DEAR READERS, WE ARE Set to discuss ABOUT CHINESE PROFICIENCY TEST in this article.


The Chinese Proficiency Test (HSK EXAMINATION) divided into two main section: writing test and speaking test on different scale.

HSK examination terms. The speaking sections has three levels.
The levels been based on the kind of HSK you are writing.

The three levels are; beginner level, intermediate level, AND THE advanced level.

Note: To test your speaking skills, your voice will on record during the examination.


Similarly, the writing sections been based on the kind of HSK EXAMINATION you are taking. It might be HSK (I), HSK (II), HSK (III), HK (IV), HSK (V), and HSK (VI).


Subsequently, the HSK (Level I) and HSK (Level II) are for the Beginner level with a duration of 17 minutes.

HSK (Level III) and HSK (Level IV) are for the Intermediate level with a duration of 21 minutes.

HSK (Level V) and HSK (Level VI) are for the HSK EXAMINATION Advanced level with a duration of 24 minutes.



Furthermore, each level of the HSK EXAMINATION has a number of vocabulary to master.

level (I) requires 150 vocabulary.level (II) requires a maximum of 300 vocabulary. level (III) needs 600 vocabulary.level (IV) requires 1200 vocabulary. level (V) adjusts to 2500 vocabulary.

Lastly, level (VI) subjects to over 5000 vocabulary. In conclusion, the higher the level of examination, the higher the number of vocabulary.



The result is available two weeks after the examination and it is valid for two years from the take of examination.


Advantages of taking HSK EXAMINATION

Firstly, HSK EXAMINATION plays a major role in an educational institution’s recruitment of pupils through assessment, division of classes, and allowing pupils to skip certain courses that leads to giving pupils academic credits.

Secondly, it is a medium for a foreigner to improve his or her Chinese language skills.

Thirdly, CHINESE PROFICIENCY TEST serves as a reference for employers’ decision-making in job recruitment, training and promotion in an organization.

Lastly, CHINESE PROFICIENCY TEST helps one to express oneself in written and spoken information in Chinese and can effectively express oneself verbally and on paper.


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