In a good structure provided by Chinese Scholarship Council, we are going to discuss about the Chinese government scholarship. It is hard to get a well descriptive note on Chinese government scholarship, but you should pay attention while reading easy guide.

Chinese Government Scholarship is a non-profitable scholarship scheme that is wide open for international students.
The scholarship has been awarded by Chinese Scholarship Council.
In addition, China has more than 500 universities. Above all, the scholarship is only open to Chinese Universities affiliated with Chinese Scholarship Council.

Chinese Scholarship council for International students

Currently, there are 279 universities offering scholarship to international students per annum. The scholarship has a fixed range for application, which is from December to April.
Furthermore, the list of successful candidates will reach public platforms in July.

Chinese Government Scholarship Application

Certainly, apply with universities opened to this scholarship scheme. Also, visit homeinfonet for more information concerning this admission and scholarship procedure.


Chinese Government Scholarship Application steps

Firstly, search for a university offering your course of study and affiliated with Chinese Government Scholarship.
Secondly, apply for scholarship through their network platform.
Thirdly, course of Study available include; Science, Fine Art, Engineering, Medicine, Law, Economics, International Trade, Management, Agriculture, Liberal Arts, Philosophy, Education, and History.

Documents needed for smooth running of Chinese Government Scholarship application include:
a.) Physical Examination for Foreign i.e Medical report.
b.) Bachelor’s degree certificate.
c.) Study Plan (why you want to study in the university and a good plan for easy learning).
d.) Recommendation letter from two university lecturers (preferably, H.O.D or Dean and any other lecturer),
e.) Birth Certificate requested by Chinese Government Scholarship.
f.) International Passport (can get it from your country’s immigration office or embassy).
g.) Passport photograph i.e 2×2.
h.) Academic Transcript, which is easily gotten from present or former school of study.
i.) Bank statement of account as required by Chinese Government Scholarship.
j.) Police Character Report (visit the nearest police station for the collection of this certificate).
k.) Any other documents such as English Proficiency Certificate (TOEFL, IELTS). Although optional, but it is a boost to Chinese Government Scholarship.

Subsequently, having all the documents listed above means so much that Chinese Government Scholarship will not be a problem. For application and help, kindly visit homeinfonet using the contact section. The earlier you apply, the better.
Be cautious of fake agents.