The SAT result is widely accepted in all United States colleges, and it covers what has been taught in high school. Subsequently, the NEW SAT uses everyday mathematics formula in tactical structure. Having a standard critical reading and writing section that test the use of your vocabulary. In addition, there is an essay, which is optional but helpful for language syntax. Have a great SAT SCORES!!!


SAT scores for overall sections used to be 2400; later in the year 2016, the scores adjusted to 1600. English section (critical reading and writing) takes 800. While, the Mathematics section takes 800. Kindly observe the whole description in the next paragraph.


1. Critical Reading:
Based on the passage, Reading Test questions are multiple choices. Tables, graphs, shapes, and charts (not a formula that requires math) might be shown on each passage, but it just an explanation to the content of the passage. Consider using topic-based and not the use of a second knowledge. In this section, there is always a paired passage (two passages linked). NEW SAT has a time-range of 65 minutes with 52 questions. Total marks for this section is 400.
Most times, the passages might be from science, U.S classic works, speech, economics, psychology, sociology, global works and literature. Be ready to answer questions using a skillful Command of Evidence, and Analysis. It is just about our everyday life, environment and activity.

  1. Writing:
    In this section, you need to carefully Read the sentence, Find mistakes, Fix it in a more concise form. This is where test of vocabulary comes into play. You just have to proofread and answer the questions.


Firstly, it test your Command of Evidence (choose an answer that adds a relevant supporting detail). Secondly, words in Context (choose the best words to use based on the text surrounding them, using answers with more tone and concise).
Thirdly, analysis (read passages about topics in fields of study with a critical eye and further improve them)
fourthly, standard English Convention (check and change words, clauses, sentences, and punctuation)
lastly, expression of Ideas (check which words or structural changes improve how well it makes its point and how well its sentences and paragraphs work together; Organize).
You have 35 minutes to answer 44 questions in writing section with 400 marks in circle.

  1. MATHS

The father of all sections has 58 questions ad 80 minutes to tackle.
Hence, you just have to be careful while solving the questions, because the answers might be similar to the wrong solution you have on a rough paper. It is not hard, as some section require the use of your algebra, statistics and a little knowledge from a mere understanding of chart, graphs, or pictures. The total marks is 800.


You will not be asked to just write an essay by making compositions, but you need to write an essay from a passage in which you explain how the author builds an argument to persuade his/her audience that author’s claim from the passage.
Above all, be careful while reading the passage and knowing how the author builds his/her paragraphs in argument.


Moreover, NEW SAT is the best way to show colleges you have the skills and knowledge they want most.
With good SAT scores like HSK, you will have access to Fee Waiver (scholarship).
Financial available.
IN CONCLUSION, All colleges/universities in U.S accept the Test.