Donald Trump’s peace proposal is not realistic: Jordan

Headline about Donald Trump’s peace proposal. The United President is always on in giving massive proposals that might be helpful to a country.

In regards to Donald Trump’s peace proposal in terms, the Palestinian president, Mahmoud Abbas, told Israeli visitors about Donald Trump’s peace proposal.


The United President
The United President


Well for Seven decades, conflicts repeat themselves.

Donald Trump’s peace proposal PROSPECT

The Palestinian president said through Donald Trump’s peace proposal America had offered to help construct a confederation between Palestine and Jordan. Subsequently, The idea of constructing a confederation between them has been floating around for half a century. Moreover, King Hussein of Jordan first proposed it in the 1970s.

The Palestinians rejected it, then embraced it. Furthermore, the Palestinians dismissed it again. Considering Donald Trump’s peace proposal has some advantages or merits. Similarly, Quite a number of Jordanians are Palestinian descendants with so much knot across the border.

Businesses in the West Bank or other ventures would gain access to Jordan, and outward export in marketing stocks. The Jordanian army will have to secure the border with Israel, assuaging its security concerns.

Even after the checks and merits in this offer, Donald Trump’s peace proposal proposal is not realistic. Meanwhile, the Palestinians will discuss it only after Israel grants their independence. Jordan rejects it.

The idea sits uneasily with ethnic Jordanians, who dominate the government.Waves of Palestinian and other refugees made them overlook the proposal for proper eradication of disagreement. In a more sight in the eyes of people, Donald Trump’s peace proposal might be all good in coordinating peace and justice in the countries.

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