TOEFL : English-language Proficiency

What to know about The TOEFL Test:

The TOEFL result can get you to over 130 countries, which includes United States, United Kingdom, Canada, and others. Also, Toefl score serves as a breach between students and college admission board. Currently, it is hard to request for admission, or occupation without been asked about Your Test of English (TOEFL) result.


It is the most widely accepted and recognizable Test for English Programs/choice of study and visa applications.

TOEFL Test Structure:

The TOEFL is internet based test and you are supposed to take the test online in your various centers. Hence, You will know more about your center after registering for the examination in your country or place of stay.  With the help of TOEFL test, it marks as a tool in evaluating your ability to combine the reading, speaking, listening, and writing task in pace and passing the examination, mean you are ready to study/work using an English medium program. For example, coming to study in China now requires you to have your English Proficiency.

Where to take Toefl test

The TOEFL iBt has 50 dates in a year but you can write as much as you want but keep it in mind that you have to space it out with more than 12-days interval. Meaning, if you should write a test now, make sure it gets two more week interval in other to be qualified to write another test because it is absolutely against the rule to write a test now, and within 12-days write another test.

Test validity

The test scores is valid for 2 years. In as much as you have taken the test, your test scores will be useful within 2 years and nothing more.

TOEFL has four section, which are as follows;

Toefl Scores

On the other hand, the test has a total 120 marks. Therefore, no changes to this fixed scores.  Each section has 30 marks. But, You have to do justice answering all the questions or every section. It is up to you to decide how you will study in having a high or average Toefl scores. Take note of the range (0-120). Work hard.

How to prepare for TOEFL iBt.

So, You can start checking for e-books and questionnaires for the test online. Visit for help.
Furthermore, in most countries, there are training centers having skillful personnel to put you through the Methods of answering the question.

Lots of government agencies (Africa, Europe, Asia, Australia and so on), scholarship programs, and other certification agencies make the use of Toefl results to evaluate English proficiency.

Where to get materials?

You can buy toefl materials on

Toefl vocabulary.

As we all know, vocabulary is too broad. So, don’t worry about new words you come across in your daily life. Study different articles, books, magazines and newspapers as much as possible to enhance your performance in English language.  It is not a big task to set a time for the practice of vocabulary. Do your best to have a good Toefl scores.

You can also use your dictionary as a key tool in learning more words. When reading a content on website, you can check for the meaning/usage of words by using the right click button specifically on the word highlighted to search online. Although, many search engines like google provide online dictionaries, you should still try to get a personal advanced oxford dictionary at home, at work place, or in a car.


Improve your English for better Toefl score.

To improve your English, you have to speak the language on daily basis with native and non-native speaker. Exceedingly, this cool method helps a lot.

Likewise, you have to master your vocabulary with the help of dictionary, or friends who are native speaker.

Search for related grammars in sentence usage. You should rather spend time learning how to fix your words in a sentence than knowing the meaning without having an idea about the use of the words.

subsequently, Get an English-based lesson teacher that will help you point errors in your speech and writings. Nowadays, it is easy to get a tutor who specializes in different course outlines online. Test tutors are out there on the internet. Search for the best tutor to help you out. Mostly, the online course tutor asks for payment, do not hesitate to go for the right tutor with good ratings from audience.

Uses of Toefl

It enables one to speak and understand North American English. The Toefl score is essential for students willing to study in the United States. The test used to be paper-based. It is now internet-based in every test center.

MOREOVER, the TOEFL result help in adding more qualifications to one’s CV in job application.

furthermore, TOEFL result is a good statistic in analyzing scholarship applications.

With the use of TOEFL result, countries like China accept one’s application into a college to study an English-taught program.

Toefl Listening Conversation Tips.

The listening section in this test is very tricky, one has to be observant of main words and contrast in speech. For example, if the topic of discussion is about library: the main word might be what library comprises of, such as textbook, novel, magazine, librarian, or students reading in the library. Just figure out the one headline and a subheading to the topic of discussion. Lastly, be wary of Contrast (however, but, subsequently, nevertheless) in that context. Master the trick to answer questions appropriately and get a high Toefl score in the Listening Section.


Tenses in Toefl.

Toefl is skillful in testing the use of one’s grammar. Note; the use of tense in a sentence, how it changes to give a different meaning to a paragraph, sentence, or page.

finally, Practice the use of present tense, past tense and future tense in an article or a sentence.


Toefl speaking section.

The best measure in helping one’s speaking aspect is to listen or read to a news, voice note, or speech and try to summarize what one have read or heard.

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