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How to write Good Essay- Steps

Talking about how to write Good Essay? This is a major challenge to students.

So, don’t worry if you can’t write Good Essay. Writing an essay involves creativity but in the right order.

Order such as; Mechanical Accuracy, Organization AND SO ON.

Hence, it is important to take note of the following

  • Precision
  • Clear communication.
  • Standard analysis of evidence, opinion, and arguments.
  • An appropriate source of knowledge, you are going to rely on them during the writing of Law essays.

Why learn how to write Good Essay?

  • For speech purpose
  • Clear tone of communication
  • To take control of your environment
  • To be a Star of your own

Steps in writing Good Essay

  1. Thesis: rom around the topic with a few quotes
  2. . Introduction: introduce the topic of discussion
  3. Body of the letter: make good use of your knowledge in getting at least 3 major points to explain in each paragraph

4.  Conclusion: conclude the essay by making a remark about the topic with some                      added spices.

Note: all you have to do is Practice and put more effort.

Tips to write a Good Essay

I was a bad writer when it comes to essay, I almost lost hope in English language because of low marks my class teacher give. lol, it was really a struggle for me, I had it in mind not to get into an Art class because of literature,  so I joined a science class. In my own thought; English language as subject in science class will not be disturbing, but I got it all wrong, and I realized you can never dodge English language critical writing and reading as long as you want to be okay with your education. I bought a lot of English writing books to enable me write an essay, whenever I am done with the essay, I take it to my teacher for corrections.
Gradually, I realized its all an easy-going note with patience. FURTHERMORE, TRY OUT YOUR ESSAY USING THE IDEAS ABOVE.

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